Recruitment Procedure

We all know that recruitment can be time consuming and costly, we work hard at understanding the culture of your company and the needs of the position and will provide candid advice and guidance on the best methods of promotion to give the position maximum exposure within its target market.
We understand your business and culture – We take pride in understanding our clients business, the markets they operate in and the culture of the organization. Clients will tell you that we have earned their trust and they appreciate our assessment advice and judgment.

Stage A:-

We study your requirement and discuss the details with your representative/Associates to obtain a complete understanding of your needs. Should you so desire, our executive may even visit you for formal discussion. We work closely with our customers, to clearly understand how our business relationship with them can grow. 

  • Our Representative discusses on various terms viz. salary, Accommodations and other benefits for workers and related terms and condition.
  • Finalization and Signing of agreement for recruitment fee and other respective terms.
  • Receipt of original demand letter, power of attorney and agreement in respect to recruit the manpower.
  • Finalization of the employment terms, recruitment fees and mobilization structure for the particular project recruitment.

Stage B:-

Our Professionally equipped team takes over from here.

  • Search the database for availability of sufficient CV’s. We make special effort to keep our data bank updated and duly supplement it periodically.
  • If not found sufficient candidates in the databank, advertise through proper newspaper & media & head hunt until sufficient CV’s procured.
  • Screening of candidates& lining up of sufficient candidates as per the client’s specification. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the job specification and match the candidates to meet the employer-employee equation, to avoid any disappointment due to a mismatch.
  • The final shortlisted resumes / bio data are dispatched to the employer for his final selection.
  • Client conducts interview for Shortlisted Candidates or authorizes us to conduct table interview.
  • If required we also arrange to conduct Practical Trade Testing.
  • Candidates undergo Medical Examination.
  • Candidate’s selection is finalized.

Stage C:

With each new assignment, our workers have to work with unfamiliar people, new procedures, and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. This makes far more confident and better-prepared workers.

  • Signing of employment Contract and Preparation of all the Documents for the selected candidates.
  • Receive Visas & necessary Documents attested from the ministry of labor, for the mobilization of the workers.
  • Air-ticketing & Reservation arrangement is being done for the Candidates.
  • Collection of local fees & forward bills to the Client.
  • Pre-Departure Assistance & Orientation of the Workers.
  • Departure of the contract workers to the project.

Feedback from client

we keep in contact with the client even later to get a feedback from the client and endeavor to improve our system to give even better service to the client. 

Our Guarantee

We assure all our clients that the personnel selected through us are medically fit and competent to work overseas. We offer a replacement, free of cost, within the probation period of three months in case a candidate is found medically unfit, or professionally incompetent or otherwise unsuitable. Crown Venture International will bear the expenses (Visa cost and Air Ticket) in sending such candidates back to their home country.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.