Hiring Solutions

Select who you want to interview from our Available Staff List or Send us a completed job description of who you would like to hire
We’ll invest over $350 in advertising across the Kenya to find the right candidate for you.

We’ll do skill assessments, interview the candidates and endorse the best people within a few weeks.

We’ll facilitate Skype interviews between you and candidates.

You’ll decide which person you want to hire and we’ll assist you with your decision.
The candidates will be contracted by Remote Staff on your behalf supported by enforceable contracts, so you are protected from legal and local hassles.

Candidate preparation

Crown Venture International Recruiting Consultants are advocates for qualified candidates throughout the recruiting process, from initial consultation through placement and beyond. A candidate's assigned Recruiting Consultant is a liaison with hiring organizations that have placement opportunities for individuals in all stages of career progression, including recent college graduates through executives.

The services Crown Venture offers those seeking employment include

  • Evaluating your specific and unique skill set against hiring organizations' actual employment opportunities
  • Committing Recruiting Consultants to meet with you to discuss not only your education, skills, employment history and other resume details, but career objectives, short-term and long-term professional goals and the types of industries or organizations that appeal to you
  • Assigning a personal Recruiting Consultant with Human Resources experience who will maintain frequent communication about the status of your search or referral
  • Serving as your advocate and liaison with a prospective hiring organization through the candidate selection and, upon placement, the applicant processing procedures

Crown Venture International and our Recruiting Consultants believe that people are an organization's most valuable asset. We do not "farm the market" for resumes and talent. We want to know your professional priorities to create a desirable and successful match with a hiring organization. Crown Venture goes the extra mile to facilitate an employment search on your behalf that results in a positive move in your professional advancement.

Recruitment Solutions

At Crown Venture Intl we keep recruitment services simple and intuitive. Each project requires its own approach and as such is tailored to your needs. Crown Venture will work with you to develop a program that fulfils your requirements. We have our own in-house research function, which we utilize in all our recruitment projects.

Crown Venture is committed to offering a no surprises approach throughout the recruitment process and the duration of our relationship.

Talent Identification

We identify talent in three ways:

  • Executive Search – proactive identification with discreet and professional approaches to target candidates
  • Retained Selection – advertising campaign management; using a selection of media drawn from traditional print, online and social media
  • Contingent Selection – identification of talent from our network and database with a success-only fee structure

Talent Assessment

  • We assess candidates against a rigorous, assignment specific benchmark
  • We add value by looking at the cultural fit and stakeholder management ability of prospective employees in detail
  • We have SHL accredited testers and occupational psychologists within our network whom we will utilize for additional candidate assessment

Process Management

Our process management methodology has been designed to ensure that you receive no surprises during the executive recruitment process and includes:

  • Constant feedback as the interview process evolves allowing concerns to be addresses on both sides
  • Mediation over contract and remuneration packages
  • Counter-offer risk management


Crown Venture brings specific formality to the executive recruitment aftercare process.

  • We undertake a post assignment review with you to understand your experience
  • We are in the unique position of being able to act as a facilitator of feedback between yourself and your new employee

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.