Employer Services

Plan for tomorrow’s workforce, today

Workforce planning is about helping you to shape your workforce to ensure that it’s capable of delivering your organizational objectives – now and into the future. At Crown Venture, we assist clients in aligning human resource strategies within a strategic planning framework to continually deliver the right people in the right places at the right time. This approach enables our clients who face intense competition for talent to achieve successful business outcomes and cope with rapidly changing market conditions.

  • Anticipate the impact of labor market trends on your workforce
  • Identify your top talent in critical job roles and ensure you have a plan in place to attract and retain them
  • Enable you to effectively budget for the human component of your strategic growth plans
  • Establish the workforce composition required to meet your immediate and longer-term requirements
  • Facilitate rapid and strategic response to change – expected or unexpected
  • Protect corporate memory and mitigate the risk of IP loss through targeted succession planning
  • Deliver clear governance and consistent reporting to external stakeholders
  • Identify which skills and occupations within your organization are at risk of turnover, will require retraining or up skilling, or will require additional talent acquisition
  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions in non-core labor force.

Source the fit talent – locally, nationally, and internationally

Today’s competitive landscape requires a strategic approach to identifying and sourcing critical talent. Organizations can no longer rely on traditional channels, and the need to source skills from the global labor pool is becoming an increasing reality for businesses in Kenya /east Africa .Crown Venture ’s approach to sourcing identifies the most effective mix of talent from local, regional and international sources, drawing from our proprietary candidate database, regional and global talent pools as well as sourcing candidates through integrated, proactive marketing.

At the core of our recruitment and selection process is our methodology, tailored to the needs of every position at every level of every organization.

Our formula has stood the test of time and is even more relevant today in the changing landscape of skills shortages, generational pressures and workforce mobility.


We advertise the required categories in leading English newspapers and the regional publication's of the respective cities.

We upload our client's requirements on job sites such as Bright Monday , Linkedin, job portal and we also headhunt for certain specialized categories at potential areas in east Africa.


Personal interviews are conducted by our technical recruitment managers on the basis of the job description provided by our client. The skilled/semi-skilled categories are also subjected to a trade test as per their specialization.


Screening, assessment and short-listing of the candidates for final interview is carried out by our highly experienced and technically qualified recruitment managers.

The overall grading of candidates is carried out based on their professional skills, previous experience, general knowledge, personality and adaptability for work environment. The candidate's short listed by us is then presented to the client's representative for the final selection.

Partnering with Crown Venture as your talent sourcing supplier means you have access to our recruitment expertise, covering a wide range of industries, both industrial and non-industrial, and source candidates for various types of roles including contingent, temporary, permanent and contract.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.