Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing in recruitment refers to the identification and uncovering of candidates through proactive recruiting methodologies. Talent sourcing strategies are formulated to fit a certain

Industry and targeted profiles so that the best candidates from both active and passive talent pools will be found. A successful talent sourcing strategy needs a few ingredients: dedicated sourcing resources, sourcing expertise and a supporting technology.

  • The first step in candidates sourcing is to identify a number of potential candidates for an open position.
  • Define The Job, Not The Person Sourcing the best candidates must start with a compelling vision of what the job entails. Don’t rely on a traditional job description to source candidates. Instead, ask hiring managers what the person needs to do in the job to be successful, and get a description of at least three or four major projects. The best candidates will only explore a job if it offers growth opportunities.
  • Have a Strong Basic Pitchwould you be open to exploring a situation that’s clearly superior to what you’re doing today?” Ninety-nine percent of candidates will say, “Yes.” Use this approach every time you first talk to a top candidate on the phone. Or when you hit voicemail or an answering machine, use this as your basic message. You must also capture this idea in your advertising.
  • Work Efficiently with Resume Databasesfinding top candidates in a resume database can be time-consuming. Maximize your return on time invested by calling the best candidates within a week — otherwise they could be gone. For the rest of the best, you need to convert older resumes into active candidates without calling any of them. Instead, write a great email message describing your remarkable opportunity with a copy of the job description. Automatically email this to any people who meet your employee screening requirements, and ask them to respond. Here’s an example: “I found your resume on the Internet and was very impressed with your background. If you’re still looking for a position you might be interested in this our opportunity (insert ad). If you’d like to pursue this, please send me your latest resume and a quick paragraph describing your most significant accomplishment in the area of (whatever may be relevant, e.g., launching new industrial products).
  • Write Compelling AdvertisingWhen writing the job description, avoid the traditional or boring. Ads need creative titles and copy that describes what the person will be doing, learning and becoming. Don’t list skills and years. This filters out — rather than opts-in — the best people. Describe the skill in the context of how it’s used. For example, “Use your accounting background in manufacturing to help us build a new reporting system.” If the ad title says, “Accounting Wizard Required,” you’ll attract some top people to the candidate pool
  • NetworkNowadays recruiters are also using social networks to identify candidates. This approach is limited because their work is not entirely dedicated to candidates sourcing. Only a few companies have recruitment departments with a dedicated sourcing function with the focus, training and expertise to source effectively – And those that do have a very limited capacity. At Crown Venture International we regard the sourcing function as success critical and that is why we have a ratio of 2:1 – two sourcing consultants to support one recruitment consultant.

A professional talent sourcing strategy implies that all niches and candidate channels on the web are searched for potential candidates. This means to contact and network extensively and comprehensively with all appropriate profiles, to leverage professional networking sites and sources like LinkedIn, Skill Page and Twitter and social networking sites and sources like Facebook and My Space. Searching these sites and the open web can be difficult and most search strings when written are not well designed resulting in hundreds of results – so the knowledge of how to build the right search strings is essential.

Once the pipeline of candidates has been built they need to be contacted. This requires an email address, telephone number or the acceptance to connect on a network (social or professional). A dialogue is initiated to evaluate the interest of the candidate. Some of them will not be interested in a new position, some will not have the required skills and some will not respond. On average around 100 potential candidates need to be identified and contacted to close one position.

Is it worth all the effort? Definitely yes! Not only is the pool of potential candidates much bigger with passive candidates, but we increase the likelihood of identifying more top talent who would never be found through traditional sources like job boards. And with an increased talent pipeline open positions can get closed faster, which significantly reduces the time to hire. At Crown Venture we fill 65% of our clients’ positions with passive candidates – candidates who would never have applied on their own.

However to keep talent sourcing efficient and cost effective professional setup, technology and experience are needed.

Some of the network we using locally and internationally

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We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.