Candidate Assessment

Enhance your candidate selection process by incorporating a candidate personality assessment, will help you identify the best fit, develop and retain top talent.


The fit between prospective employee and job requirements, management, existing team and organization as a whole, to a large extent defines the success and productivity of the new hire and the organization overall. Understanding personality types and natural behavioral preferences of job candidates can both substantially enhance your candidate selection and pre-employment screening process, and be an invaluable instrument for the smooth integration and successful start of a new team member.

When interviewing a job candidate, you as a hiring manager or human resources professional (or your company’s hiring and human resources managers) face the challenge of knowing nothing about the personality of the candidate you are about to meet. What questions should you ask during an interview to reveal the candidate’s strengths, and to probe at any weak areas? Will he or she get along with your team members? Will he or she get along with you? What about with your boss? Will the candidate bring personality strengths to the table that the current team might be lacking? How will you ensure the successful integration of a new team member or ensure a promoted employee succeeds in a new role.

Ability Tests

Ability tests are usually presented in a multiple-choice question and answer format for completion either online or in person at one of our offices. All questions have a single correct response and alternative incorrect responses. Your achievement is measured on the basis of the number of correct answers you can provide in the time allowed. The best strategy for tests of this nature is to work as quickly and accurately as you can, but not so quickly that you make careless mistakes. If you are not sure of an answer, mark your best choice but avoid wild guessing.

Personality Questionnaires

Personality questionnaires measure a candidate’s preferences for certain types of behavior. Candidates are asked to describe themselves – their preferences in communicating and interacting with others and their typical working style – by rating the extent to which a number of statements apply to themselves. The output is a report which describes the candidate’s likely working style, interpersonal approach and preferences overall. Personality questionnaires add to the richness of the information gathered in other parts of the assessment process which recruiters can use when considering a candidate’s suitability for a particular role overall. There is no right or wrong answers in a personality questionnaire. The best response to offer is an honest one.

Reports for Candidate Assessment

The General report provides insights about the respondent, including personality type, most favorable activities, motivational factors, strengths and weaknesses, problem solving, conflict management, leadership style, communication style, and more. This report is often used to “get to know” respondent’s personality before the interview, see what their personality strengths are likely to be, and to identify areas of potential issues.
For sample behavioral interview questions that are based on results in the report, use our Behavioral Interview Guide.

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