Recruitment Partners

We are a relationship business and know that true lasting relationships can only be developed by being compassionate to all the stakeholders involved within the undertaking.

Crown Venture International assists some of the Middle East’ best employers in their recruitment needs. We partner with our clients and in doing so we have a deep understanding of their business which ultimately results in Crown presenting candidates that are not only informed but also motivated to do well

We don’t ask for up-front retainers and guarantees, instead Crown Venture prefers to establish long-standing business partnerships, built through a track record of success and trust!

1 Team Time Company Jeddah Saudi Arabia
2 Management Solutions International Doha Qatar
3 Katara Manpower Doha Qatar
4 Ejara Recruitment Bureau Khobar Saudi Arabia
5 Sidal- Workers Aman Jordan
6 Al-Mustaqdeem Recruitment Dammam Saudi Arabia
7 Al-Mehani Office Dammam
8 Waistline Corporation Ltd Bangladesh
9 Meddle East Consultancy Services Nairobi Kenya
10 Madagascar Partners Madagascar

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.

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