Interview Skills

Interview Skills that Win the Job offers an innovative and exciting approach to developing interview skills. As well as letting you know what’s needed to succeed at interviews, it goes one important step further and demonstrates how you can prepare your own answers including exercises designed to improve your skills. People who consistently succeed at interviews are those who take the time to prepare their own answers rather than simply using answers they have read or heard elsewhere.

Top Interview Techniques

A winning face-to-face job interview can take you from candidate to new hire. Good preparation takes the pain out of the process. As you get ready, follow these tips :

  • Know your CV
  • Know your potential employer
  • Interview styles

Bring your cv to life

The person interviewing you generally uses your CV as a guide to learn about you and your abilities. It is up to you to transform yourself from a piece of paper to an exciting candidate with a track record of adding value to organizations. When going through the interview questions and answers, be prepared to tell two-minute success stories that demonstrate the competencies you are asked about. Good interview preparation starts with the SOAR model. SOAR helps you tell crisp success stories, and works for both behavioral and competency based interviews.

  • S = Scenario
  • O = Ownership
  • A = Action
  • R = Results

Practice makes perfect. Using the SOAR model, rehearse success stories until they flow easily and naturally.

S = Scenario

Begin by briefly describing the scenario to set the scene for the listener. For example, this interviewer is interested in learning about your experience managing a small team.

Question: “Tell me about a time when your team members were not working well together.”

Answer (Set the scene): “I was managing a group of five marketing people who generally worked on separate accounts. In this case, they needed to work as a team for a national launch of a new product. When a critical deadline was missed, I discovered that 2 staff members were keeping vital information from one another, and were creating tension in the wider group.”

O = Ownership

"At this point, demonstrate your influence in the scenario. Use an appropriate pronoun so the interviewer is clear about your role. Continuing the example, It was my responsibility to immediately resolve the situation as the revised deadline was one day away.”

A = Action

Present the actions you took sequentially and identify key steps without excessive detail.

“I called a quick staff meeting and reassigned the task to two people I knew worked well together. I gave the team members in conflict separate tasks that required no collaboration. I also made appointments to meet with each of them later that week.”

R = Results

Give the outcomes of your actions.

“The new deadline was met and tension was eased, as soon afterwards, the issue between the team members in conflict was addressed and resolved.”

Know Your Potential Employer

Interview preparation is not complete until you thoroughly research the organization. Look for trends, study financials, know about recent developments. Do not forget to check out the competition!

Do research by reading industry publications, annual reports, company websites and marketing material, talking with your networks and so on. Learn as much as you can, and use the information to develop insightful questions.

Interview Styles

Companies and recruitment agencies use different interview styles or a combination of styles to screen candidates. Each style uses unique interview question and answer techniques. Learn to recognize them so you can handle whichever one you encounter. The most common styles are :

  • Behavioral or Competency Based Interviews

    A behavioral interview is considered the most challenging type of interview to master.

    The theory behind behavioral interview questions is that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

    These interview questions relate to how you handled various situations in former jobs, and can often be tough to answer.

    Behavioral interview skills require advance preparation and practice. How would you answer some of the sample interview questions below?

    • Can you describe a time you used persuasion to convince someone to see things your way?
    • Can you describe the coping skills you used during a stressful situation?
    • Can you tell me about a time you used presentation skills to influence the opinion of others?
  • Preference Based Interviews

    The preference-based interview technique helps you identify what you want from a career. The interview questions are asked based on the theory, for example, that an accountant may rather be a marketing manager.

    Knowing how to prepare for an interview of this nature is not necessary; it is best to give interview answers straight from the heart. Preference-based job interview questions are most often asked by recruitment firm consultants.

    Preference-based interview questions may seem general and unrelated to the job opening. Here are some common interview questions you may encounter :

    • What do you see yourself doing in ten years?
    • Describe the kind of company you would like to work for.
    • Which industries most appeal to you?
  • Ad Hoc Interviews

    If a company line manager is handling the interview, a formal interview question and answer model may not be followed. It is still important to know your CV and the organization. Develop ready answers to the interview questions below :

    • Why did you choose this particular role? Where do you want to go from here?
    • Why would you like to work for our organization?
    • Where do you see yourself five years from now?

If you answer the questions better than the others, you’ll get the job

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