Cover Letter

Covering Letter & Candidate Profile

  • Covering letters are an effective introductory tool whereby you can outline your suitability for a specific role. This should be kept short and precise; anything away from this will detract from the CV and candidature.

Cover letter formats should

  • Be one page in length.
  • Contain the appropriate person's name and title.
  • Be written in a positive 'can do' style.
  • Clearly show your fit for the job.
  • Conclude on a forward-looking, enthusiastic note.
  • Be checked and rechecked for accurate grammar, spelling and typing.
  • Be well-presented on plain A4 paper.

Include a salutation

There are a number of different kinds to choose from, and the greeting you choose will depend on how much information you have about the company.

If you know the name of the hiring manager, your salutation should be something like "Dear [insert name]" followed by either a comma or a colon. Make sure to address the manager formally using their proper title (Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.).

If you don't know the name of the hiring manager, consider addressing your letter "Dear Hiring Manager," "Dear Recruiting Team," or "Dear [insert company name] Team."

As a last resort, address the letter "To whom it may concern," though we recommend avoiding this salutation, as it could come across as a template letter.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.


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