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Our job is to help you find the right job.

Crown venture International presents hundreds of permanent and temporary job opportunities to job seekers daily.  We have the ability to present candidates with challenging assignments across a variety of industries, sectors and disciplines – including many with leading Fortune companies. In the Middle East, With a broad array of capabilities within the staffing industry, Crown Venture serves many clients daily and has national expertise in over 4 counties

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  • Because finding work is hard work.That’s why, at Crown venture , we aim to provide recruitment solution to you, with quality job opportunities and valuable career advice, everything you need to make your job search and ultimately your career as rewarding as possible. As an Crown candidates, you are now part of Kenyan ’s leading recruitment Solutions Company to the middle east. .

    However, Crown Venture is much more than a recruiting and placement company — we are committed to helping you fulfill your professional goals at every stage of your career. Along the way, we will present you with challenging and rewarding opportunities at top companies, help you earn a competitive income, and provide you with the latest skill-enhancement services and a full range of benefits.

    Welcome aboard — we wish you every success as an Crown Venture Internationa. We recognize how hard you work for our clients – so we’re working just as hard to help you achieve better work, better life.

  • We help you take charge — and find a career that fits your passion.Successful careers don’t happen overnight. For over 5 years, we’ve been building quality client relationships locally and internationally. That means we often learn of hiring information before it’smade public. We can help you hone your resume and interview techniques, and most importantly, find a fulfilling job or career.

    Contact us today to plan your next career placement.

  • You’ve submitted your resume. What happens next?Be assured — we have received it. If you don’t hear from us right away, it’s because there are currently no suitable job openings that match your background.

    Check our website for the latest information and career postings. To receive instant updates, join our Crown Venture Network. If a position interests you, or if we can help you prepare, please let us know.

    Keep us informed. If you accept a new job, or your criteria or level of urgency changes, please contact us right away.

    Be open and honest. We value your time, our time and our client’s time. We appreciate serious candidates, and the more forthright you are during our initial meeting, the better we can help meet your expectations.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.


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