Do I feel secure if I get recruited from you?

Off-course you have to rely on our expertise because we check our clients through our Kenya Embassy in that country. We take approval from our embassy before recruiting any worker/staff to the clients.

Do you manage CVs Databank?

Yes, We do manage strong & latest database of talent pool for our clients to save their time in advertisement for recruitment.

Did selected candidate sing employment contract before traveling?

Very good question

Usually the employer send employment to all selected candidates according to their position & qualifications, the employment Agency call you to read and sign your employment contract then the Agency submit them to the ministry of labor for attestation and clearance.

Do I pay any fees to a recruitment Agencies?

It depend with the employer if the employer will pay a Recruitment Agencies you will not pay any commission, instead you will pay small amount of fees like (registration) (special medical for visa) you will pay them