Why Crown Venture

finding a talented candidate at any level is challenging for most clients. We provide recruiting expertise to locate top talent that possesses the skills necessary to succeed in a tough, competitive environment. Before deciding to use our services you should consider these questions: Does your organization have the time and expertise needed to search out candidates, network with the best in the business and follow-up with potential candidates? Do you have the necessary time to sell top candidates on why the organization is a good cultural match for their skill set? Do you need an outside expert to bring integrity to the process? Most importantly, are you critical enough of yourselves to consider candidates that take you beyond where you normally venture?

We approach each Executive Search with sound processes, assessments, screening procedures and technologies in order to deliver measurable results. Our experience encompasses several key functional areas including: Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, General Management, Technology, Manufacturing, and Public Administration.

We understand the challenges faced by organizations today to acquire the best and most qualified talent within their industry in a way that is faster and more innovative than their competition. Crown Venture International as your strategic recruiting partner, we will manage every function of this challenge, freeing you to focus on your core business

We’re different because we promise to provide a superior employment experience whether we are engaging with an organization or a candidate. It all starts with our commitment to deep specialization in the core disciplines of recruiting, recruitment process outsourcing and talent management. Our expertise comes from working side by side for over 5 years in Kenya with the top global companies in all the local markets they serve.

While our competitors think recruiting is an art, we believe it is also a science. Unique among all other recruiting agencies in Kenya, we have our own Research and Development team, dedicated to uncovering the best ways to attract, select, engage and retain talent. Our psychologists, linguists, economists and technologists have come together to create proprietary tools that scientifically determine the right fit for clients and candidates, significantly reducing the element of risk from the hiring process.

Unlike other firms, we know key industries and critical job functions firsthand because we have worked in them. Crown Venture recruiters are armed with at least five years of work experience within their given industry. Our seasoned professional’s partner with clients to assess their true needs and deliver customized staffing solutions, the way only an insider can.
With a global footprint that allows us to tap into an enviable pool of highly qualified candidates and an in-house research team dedicated to continuously ‘mapping’ the market in search of top talent, Crown is opening opportunities the world over for businesses and job seekers alike.

There is no shortcut to experience. That can be a challenge when you are human resources professional with a responsibility to manage talents and recruitment planning!

Your recruiting solution for exceptional quality.

There is one word at the core of what we do: (Relationships).

Crown Venture recruits for strong teams, effective operations and business growth. It’s our goal to make you stronger, more sustainable and better than you were before. And that means we’re passionate about building quality relationships with both our clients and our talent. Across the world , our specialists offer both in-depth, niche-market knowledge and complete service for your business requirements—local, national or international. Our relationship with you means that you receive the best recruiting and HR solutions for your business success, from one source.

Choose Crown Venture today, and build stronger teams for future success. Contact us or view one of our six Team members Specialties for more information.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.


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