Our steadfast commitment to ‘Ethics First’ provides the behavioral framework for our relationships with fellow employees, job candidates, clients, shareholders and vendors.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the core principles of our business and have remained so for half a century. We expect our people to adhere to these standards in their daily actions. Integrity is the common fabric of the people we hire and will continue to define our business for years to come.

Our approach is based on more than (7) years of recruitment experience. Central to our business philosophy is that our recruitment consultants only fill assignments within their field of expertise. Each specialized division focuses solely on one particular industry, allowing us to provide unrivalled professional service.


Because the success of an organization depends on quality people, Crown Venture International mission is to seek, assess, coach and present the best people to our clients with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency.
Our practice guidelines focus on the most professional relationship between our clients, candidates and other stakeholders.

To provide an outstanding client/candidate service, Crown Venture Intl builds partnerships with a consultative approach based on mutual commitment and trust. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we put into writing any agreements detailing the scope, time & cost aspects of our assignments Crown Venture Intl will strive to be accurate in all communication with a strong belief that transparency helps build a long term relationship.


Our relationships with clients and candidates are characterized by honesty.

For search assignments, Crown Venture Intl presents information about the candidate to the client honestly and factually (which includes any reservations concerning the candidate that are relevant for the position) and we provide candidates with adequate and accurate information about the clients’ organization and position.

Crown Venture Intl informs the client promptly if it becomes apparent that the context of the assignment does not enable to close it successfully. We also provide our candidates with any explanation regarding a potential rejection from the ongoing search and/or evaluation from an assessment. Pragmatically, this has an impact on ethics on day to day collaboration.

A Passion for Human Development

Our passion for human development linked to our expertise drive us to discover new talents every day. Understanding and valuing each individual as unique person is an essential part of our corporate culture. As we are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ success, we make it a priority to ensure that each candidate receives relevant advice to develop his or her potential through personal and professional growth.

Crown Venture Intl also encourages diversity and supports equal opportunities in employment for all qualified candidates.

We serve our clients/candidates with integrity and objectivity, making every possible effort to conduct our consulting activities on the basis of impartial consideration of relevant facts.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.


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