Corporate Structure

Crown Venture International understand that efficiency is not achievable unless the corporate structure is well designed and the functions are well organized .

Therefore, our operations are executed through a vast national network of industry experts running specialized departments, equipped with states of the art facilities.

Our domestic network extends throughout the country to tap the best of specialized Kenyan manpower which may be under or ill- utilized, due to death of exposure or opportunities.

Our aim of matching the skilled the skill- set with the employers need is ideally delivered if the mutual benefit is given a priority, which is exactly what our network provides.

The most developed operating systems and technologies are exploited to extract the maximum worth of the network to ensure that we do not fall short of our client’s expectations in any manner.

A highly qualified, dependable and equipped client’s support system is maintained to provide for timely response to any and every query or requirement our clients and potential clients may have.

Position Descriptions. Well-developed job descriptions are extremely important in addressing many personnel issues. They are often used to establish salary ranges, define performance expectations, and write performance evaluations, but they can also be crucial tools in a successful recruitment effort.

The position description should contain detailed information on the knowledge, skills, experience, and abilities that an acceptable candidate should possess. The following information may be included in a position description:

  • Leveraging through a network Our clients like that we not only take the workload off their desk but we are often able to bolster the final shortlist with high calibre candidates that we have cultivated through our network.
  • Time saving and less stress Our clients like being more strategic with their time. They are smart and innovative and recognize the value of being the reviewer of the activity rather than trying to be the doer of everything. They know that simply working longer hours to fit everything in is not the answer.

We are particularly renowned for our quick response time.

We take blue collar / Working class staff recruitment only if it is with large project, which includes sourcing of critical / Senior / Engineering positions.


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